Editorial featuring LANG Workholding at Koss Aerospace

When founder Drago Cajic started Koss Aerospace in 1975, aerospace component manufacturing relied heavily on the skill and knowledge of the machinist. Thirty-six years later, that enhanced knowledge continues to be the core of Koss’s business. Koss, located in Mississauga, Ontario is still one of the aerospace industry’s leading anufacturers of machined components and sub-assemblies. Koss Aerospace is a fully integrated, Lean Manufacturing operation, utilizing the latest in machine tool technology and CAD/CAM software. To maintain their competitive edge, Koss Aerospace has also achieved AS/EN/JISQ 9001 Rev B and ISO 9001:2008 status; as well as providing NADCAP Chemical Processing, Heat Treatment, and NDT & Surface Enhancement support services.
The Koss facility was designed and built in 2006 for maximum workflow and efficiency. “From the beginning”, says Cajic. “Everything in our building was designed for efficiency and flexibility. The electrical and all other services have been installed to permit us to change the plant layout and workflow to suit the needs of each contract. As part of our efficient workflow and flexibility, Koss employs an advance ERP system that allows further control on all projects in terms of cost and status, providing additional visibility of project development.
Koss Aerospace’s client base is the who’s who in aerospace manufacturing, including Bombardier, Goodrich, Boeing, Spirit Aerospace and the U.S. Government (direct). As a supplier to the major OEM’s and their sub-contractors, Koss Aerospace has extensive manufacturing expertise, offering a full array of integration processes, including manufacturing, processing and assembly kitting. This enables Koss to be vertically integrated from manufacturing to processing, to complete assembly.

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