Editorial featuring LANG Workholding at Cedonia Inc.


Firm and Flexible but with high holding power

When Aurel Nistor and Valentine Dinoiu formed Cedonia in 1996, like most entrepreneurs, they were determined to set a path for growth and success. While the business has undergone its share of challenges, it has also grown steadily through the years. Today, Cedonia is a thriving 12-employee machine shop located in a 2,601 sq m (28,000 sq ft) facility in

Mississauga, ON, housing more than 14 CNC machine tools, including two DMG MORI machines purchased in 2015 (DMU 65 monoBlock five axis milling) and 2016 (DMU 85 monoBlock five axis milling), as well as two Zeiss CMMs and MIG/TI welding systems. Machining speeds vary but can reach up to 18,000 rpms depending on the machine and the work. Like most job shops, the types of materials Cedonia can machine runs the usual gamut of stainless steel, steel, aluminum, titanium and hardened alloys, “but we can do other materials too; it depends on the customer’s
specifications,” says Nistor.


MTS Machine Tools Solutions Ltd.

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