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Machine Tool Solutions – Our Products

CMM Technology, Magnetic Chucks Applications, Flexible InoFlex Concentric Clamping Chucks, InoZet Clamping Systems, InoGrip Chuck Jaws, AR FiltrazioniCleaners for Oil Mist, LANG Automation Eco Compact 20, Vacuum Lifters, Pintec Clamping Systems, Brisc Magnetic Equipments PLM100 – PLM5000, Repair and Refurbishing Services.

Machine Tool Solutions provides products and services for a seemingly endless variety of mechanical components, CMM technology, and machinery. Available for countless applications from systems like Brisc magnetic PLM100 to Pintec CMM fixture, clamping jawssystems, equipment and PLM lifters that are all available at competitive prices. Apart from premium products, we also repair and refurbish magnetic chuck applications along with other optimization services.

Featured Products:

LANG Technik – Machine Tool Solutions Official Partner in Canada

Founded in 1982, Lang Technikdeveloped quality products based on intelligent technology to reduce and minimize set-up cost on CNC machines. The seal of approval “Made in Germany”follows the direction of the future in work holding and automation. Lang provides clamping solutions for ferrous and non-ferrous materials through compact fixtures with high precision and strong holding power. Cost effectiveness of machine tools drastically increases through Lang automation systems.

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Eco•Compact 20

The Eco•Compact 20 is the flexible, space saving miracle! Our new automation system proves that compactness and storage capacity don‘t have to contradict one another. The Eco•Compact 20 utilizes 20 pallets in a remarkably small footprint for storing and transporting machine tools.

This offers enough capacity to manufacture throughout the night, continuously loading the machining center through the machine tool door or loading through an installed side window. Lang automation ensures numerous possibilities for installation of this space saving design. We are positive that your machine tools will look great with this Lang automation solution.

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S.P.D S.p.A. is the ideal partner for innovative technological development in the ‘mysterious field’ of dedicated magnetic applications. Their flexibility, 30 years of experience and their concern for customer’s needs are the weapons with which they are successfully taking on today’s and tomorrow’s markets. With rapid development, production and dispatch of all customized products including permanent lifting magnets, electro-permanent systems and permanent magnetic chucks. With functional interface guarantees, we are now recognized by customers for providing the best in workholding products and PLM lifters.Learn More



HWR is an established provider of clamping technology both for turning and for milling applications. Our background consists of many years of experience and specialty in providing clamping solutions both with standard andcustomized designs. In addition to our standard products, we have evolved to a specialist in low deformation clamping of thinwalled parts in turning applications. Since 2003, HWR and LANG Technik are linked by a close partnership with Machine Tool Solutions. As a result of this, InoGrip®, a superior product of stamping technology was developed in early 2004. Alongside InoGrip, HWR has responded to the development of modern machine tools and developed the flexible InoFlex® Concentric Compensating Power chuck.

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CMM (Coordinate Measurement Machine) Advantages at a Glance

  • Quick: Fix your work pieces precisely in just a few seconds
  • Practical: complex and demanding work pieces are not a problem anymore
  • Flexible: a quick change is easy
  • Cost-saving: quick validation measurements are possible even during production procedures
  • Effective: no re-adjustment necessary for the same work pieces
  • Economical: lower assembly costs because expensive special constructions to fix complex work pieces are no longer necessary

Possible uses

In all areas where different work pieces need to be fixed, such as:

  • Control
  • Laser and needle engraving
  • Automation (e.g. work piece trays)

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Brisc Magnetics Co., Ltd was founded in 1998, specializing in designing and manufacturing magnetic workholding, clamping and lifting equipments. With advanced design, outstanding performance and unsurpassed reliability, popularity ofBriscpermanent lifting magnets is growing very fast. Apart from their PLM100 up to PLM5000 units, Brisc offers superior quality and highly professional service as well as satisfied technical support for your magnets. Learn More


Founded in 1984, OK-VISE is located in Finland as a manufacturer of Ok-Vise low-profile clamps and a rotary pallet system, designed for vertical machine centers. These unique workholdingvices are designed to meet the demands of the modern metalworking, automotive, plastic, aerospace, and electronics industries. As a result of constant product development and dedicated customer service, our name stands for quality in every respect.Today,Ok-Vise is a well recognized registered trademark for vices and machine tool solutions. Learn More


Manufacturer of milling accessories since 1978, Homge’sproducts range covers the most advanced vices for CNC machining centers, precision index tables, super divider as well as various kinds of tools and workholding equipment. It has been their firm belief that quality is their company life, so they have invested the most advanced manufacturing facilities for processing critical parts and components. Homge’sfacilities include CNC Machining Centers, CNC Lathes, and Grinding Machines. Homge is now keeping ahead of other manufacturers in the field of milling accessories. With enriched experience, expertise, research and development, today their products are very popular and have received a good reputation all over the world for their quality vices. Furthermore, the company has spared efforts in developing a wider range of milling tools and accessories to provide our customers with full satisfaction. Learn More


Kisslig was founded in 1971. Today Kisslig specializes in premium-grade workholding devices and equipment, including clamping systems for your machine tool needs. Learn More


Established in 1998, CGM provides high precision rapid fixtures and clamping tooling sets with repetition accuracy of 0.002mm for milling, wire cutting, EDM and lathes. Product line includes manual and auto quick chucks, drawbars, precision calibration blocks, edge finders, electro holders, tool holders and jig chucks. CGM continues develop new high quality andefficient valuedCGM work holding systems at very competitive prices. Learn More


5-Axis clamping systems can be mounted on a 50/40/M12 grid as well as on Zero point clamping systems using clamping knobs. System heightening is available in dimensions of 2.852“, 3.937“, 4.921“. System reductions are also available in dimensions of 0.984“ and 1.968“.

Advantages and Fields of Application

5-Axis Clamping systems can be clamped manually, without media supply. The tool part-heightening can be combined variably and offers optimal machining accessibility for 5-Axis work pieces. Due to the uncomplicated mounting possibility, an individual setting on the machine table is easily achieved with products like the Makro-Grip and Innotool. Learn More

InoFlex Concentric Clamping Power Chuck

HWR has responded to the development of modern machine tools and developed the flexible InoFlex® chuck. InoFlex® permits compensating concentric clamping of round, rectangular and also geometrically irregular parts.This clamping tool performs this task in a range of Ø 160-1200 mn and avoiding disadvantages such as over determination through its patented compensation feature. No other clamping tool on the market can do what InoFlex® does!

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The Earth is a Paradise – Neglecting would be Hell

AR FILTRAZIONI manufactures purifying units for re-condensing and purifying oily mists, fumes and dust of every kind of atmospheric pollutant generated by the machining processes. By subjecting the machine tool to under pressure, AR Filtrazioniconstantly extracts the pollutant, thus increasing the service life of its mechanical and electronic equipment. This filtration system as ensures total conformity with the most rigorous environmental health and safety regulations

– Recovery of around 80% of lubricating and coolant oil, re-condensed and returned directly to the machine, or stored in containers for later use.
– Energy savings of around 415.00 euro for every machine with an air flow of 1700 m3/H. Reduced service costs and time. On average, 1 time a year, for 10 minutes. ARNO SERIES spare parts: 20% self-cleaning filters 40% washable
– The choice of a single unit with pollutant capture at the source, enables programmable investments in relation to the client’s budget.

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Other Product Lines:

Vacuum Chucks

To satisfy requests of those customers who machines non magnetic materials such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel, titanium and all plastic materials Learn More

Vacuum Lifters

FEATURES: – Lifting 2500kg Safety 3:1 – Vacuum 0 to 28hg adjustable for heavy and light material – Pads adjustable along Y and Y axis – Vacuum pack 120v – Safety reservoir tank Learn More

Lang Clean Tec

Lang Clean Tec Chip removal fan helps to save expensive compressed air. It is designed to clean surfaces of work piece or blowing chips and water out of pockets. Solid design with tension springs allows safe opening and closing of wings by centrifugal force even at maximum revolution speed; exchange automatically from tool magazine; rinse work pieces and fixtures by using internal coolant with the spindle stopped. Ideal for cleaning work pieces prior to the automatic removal. Learn More

Adjustable Stops

  • Quick, accurate and repeated use.
  • Set-up on many positions (5-Axis Work Stop tool).
  • It can be locked in general machinery.
  • Operate easily and arbitrarily in adjusting height and direction.
  • Attach with spanner. Learn More

Custom Applications:

Electroperm. Magnetic Chucks with radial pole

It features no energy consumption, are always safe, immediate loading/unloading of the piece, extremely precise machining, perfect locking, and flexibility. Learn More


In the download section of Makro-Grip® you will be able to download 3D models (file type: step) of all 4 different Makro-Grip® types.

In the download section of Quick-Point® you are able to download step-, pdf- and dxf- files of our Quick-Point® line

Quick-Tower you are able to download step-, pdf- and dxf- files

Quick-Point 0-point grid plates for Quick-Tower you are able to download step-, pdf- and dxf- files

Super-Vario 96 you are able to download step-, pdf- and dxf- files. Learn More

Apart from providing the finest in workholding equipment and CMM technology, Machine Tools Solutions is also your key source for repair, refurbishing and re-certification of magnetic products and lifters. See our services page for more information. Feel free to contact us for details.