With a new layout of its components (motor, pocket filters and 2 high efficiency filters), the ARPX series represented a complete break from the centrifugal purification technology in vogue at the time.

With the ARPX series you need only open a hatch to remove and replace the pocket filters. Two high efficiency filters are located at the sides and fit under pressure. The series is composed of 2 sub-series, with flow rates from 2000 to 3200 m³/h.

Suitability pollutant: Oil mist – micro-dust – dust – fumes – exhalations – odours
Suitability machine tool: Lathes – machining centres – grinding machines – welding – laser carving – snagging
AIRFLOW RATE: 2000 ÷ 3200 m3/h
This trailer-mounted series is suitable for suction and purification of dust produced during dry machining processes, when good airflow rates are required and no large amount of dust is created.
Its versatility of use, modularity and mobility make this unit perfect for workshops where the machined materials change periodically.
The AE version is equipped with a High Efficiency HEPA fiter, suitable for the removal of microdust and smoke.
The CA version is suited for the removal of fumes and odours.
The N version is equipped with a drainage and a tank to collect re-condensed coolant.
Pre-arranged to be equipped with an Articulated Self-supporting Suction Arm.