The ART series is designed specifically for mechanical machining applications which do not employ lubricant/coolant, and is particularly suited to dry cast-iron machining applications when highly volatile graphite dust is released. The ART series, with a range of suction heads, collects this.

It is a multi-functional machine, suited to all dry machining applications using materials which are not potentially flammable/explosive (for the latter, see the HYDROFILTER series). It stands out for its excellent value for money.

Suitability pollutant: Dry processing – dust of graphite, plastic, ect.
Suitability machine tool: Lathes – machining centres – grinding machines – various removal processes Not suitable for potentialy explosive/inflammable dust
AIRFLOW RATE: 700 ÷ 3800 m3/h
Suitable for suction and purification of dust produced during dry machining processes.
Especially suited for graphite machining processes.
Special polypropylene pockets retain the suctioned dust on the external surface.
The filtration efficiency is maintained constant by means of a manual cleaning system, through a mechanical shaker. On request, the latter can be installed with a pneumatic control.
The dust is collected in a suitable box easily removable.

The unit is also available with a hopper, which conveys the dust into a bag for its disposal.