COALFILTER Series is suitable for suction and purification of oil mist produced during wet machining processes, with large quantities of pollutant and very strong working conditions. It is appropriate for purifying particles of different sizes, simply using interchangeable filters with different degrees of filtration efficiency. COALFILTER Series is able to semi-centralized solutions. Thanks to its modularity, each air cleaner is equipped with stage of High (with EPA filter) or Highest (with HEPA filter) filtration efficiency tested in accordance with European norm EN 1822 suitable for holding micro-mist and smoke. Each plant is equipped with a pre-filtration system, a low power consumption motor IE2 class, electric control panel and gauge to monitor filter conditions. For specific requirements is possible to opt for suitable impellers. A drainage allows the recovery of re-condensed coolant liquid.

Suitability pollutant: Oil mist – micro-mist – fumes

Suitability machine tool: Lathes – machining centres – grinding machines – transfer machines – presses. Suitable for centralization of several machine tools