HYDROFILTER Series is suitable for suction and purification of fume, dust and odor produced during wet and dry machining processes and designed to ensure a highly safe working environment (laser machines, aluminium and magnesium dust).
It is appropriate for purifying particles of different sizes, simply using interchangeable filters with different degrees of filtration efficiency. The series is equipped with stage of High (with EPA filter) or Highest (with HEPA filter) filtration efficiency tested in accordance with European Norms EN 1822 suitable for holding micro-dust and smoke.
The unit is provided with a mini-scrubber for contaminant removal by means of dust washing, a drainage allows the recovery of 78% of re-condensed coolant liquid. They are equipped with low power consumption motor IE2 class and with overload cut-out switch. If necessary, the HYDROFILTER Series can be provided with a noise attenuator and a carbon cell for the decrease of exhalation and odor.

Suitability pollutant: Dangerous dust/micro-dust potentially inflammable/explosive – magnesium aluminium titanium – oil mist – fumes

Suitability machine tool: Lathes – machining centres – grinding machines – Laser marking/cutting – milling machines Suitable for centralization of several machine tools