Outstanding technology

The innovative InoZet® clamping system was presented to the public in 2010 and received the nORTEC award at the nortec in Hamburg.

Since then there has been a continuous increase in the number of users. The InoZet® clamping system offers crucial advantages particularly when clamping deformation-sensitive parts, out-of round components or parts deformed by thermal treatment.
With InoZet®, HWR has redefined the state of the art: an existing 3-jaw chuck is turned into a compensating 6-jaw chuck in next-to-no time. The pendulum mechanism gives the pendulum bridges a compensating effect, thus permitting low-deformation 6-point clamping. Doubling the number of jaws ensures that the clamping pressure is introduced more evenly into the workpiece, with a crucial reduction in polygon formation.

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