Quick-Point Zero-Point Clamping System
The modular mechanical Quick-Point zero-point clamping system can be retrofitted to almost all machine tables, making it a perfect solution for time saving change-over of vices, fixtures and workpieces. Whether vertical or horizontal machining, whether single or multi clamping plates, there is a model that fits your needs. One of the lowest systems world-wide (27 mm) and high positioning repeatability make it one of the best in its class.

At a glance:

• Enormous reduction in set-up times
• Extremely flexible because of individual alignment on the machine table
• One of the lowest zero-point clamping systems on the market (27 mm)
• High process reliability with a repeatability of 5 µm and clamping forces of 6.000 kg
• Easy mounting of clamping studs in workpieces, fixtures and other clamping systems