Multi-Rail RH is the new generic-purpose fixturing system from OK-VISE. Multi-Rail RH is the optimal choice when the clamping force is over 4 tonnes and also when the workpieces are large in size.
Fixture sets

To make selection of the components easier, the OK-VISE team has created some basic sets to enable an easy start with the Multi-Rail system.

Compared to a traditional machine vise, the Multi-Rail RH system offers the following benefits:

– Using the system components even the most challenging workpiece types can be machined.
– All sides of a workpiece can be machined with two setups.
– Multiple workpieces can be clamped in the same area.
– The workpiece is safely fixtured under all conditions.
– Very large work pieces can also be fastened.

In a modular system all the functions of a fixture are divided into individual modules. This means that when the workpiece material, form or size changes, the fixture modules can be changed independently of each other.

Using a well-chosen collection of basic modules – a set – a huge variety of workpieces can be clamped simply using the same modules.

We also offer installation sets for the most typical platforms such as T-slot tables and grid systems.