Thanks to its modularity, each air cleaner is equipped with stage of High (with EPA filter) or Highest (with HEPA filter) filtration efficiency tested in accordance with European norm EN 1822 suitable for holding micro-mist, micro-dust and smoke. Each plant is equipped with a low power consumption motor IE2 class, overload cutout switch and gauge to monitor filter conditions. A drainage allows the recovery of re-condensed coolant liquid. On request carbon cell for exhalation and odor or in BSA version with articulated support arm.

Model  Suction Inlet Ø (mm) Airflow (m3/h) Pressure (mm/H2O) Power (KW) Noise level (dB) Weight (Kg)
ARIS M2 150 2000 200 1.5 72 210
ARIS M3 200 3000 230 3 76 230
ARIS L4 250/300 4000 290 4 78* 335
ARIS L6 250/300 6000 130 4 80* 365
* with noise attenuator



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