Demagnetizers and other electrical equipment

S.P.D. will help you solve all your magnetic residue problems.
In recent years, magnetic devices have been increasingly used in production processes. However, the enormous advantages connected to increased productivity often conceal small problems, which can be solved, deriving from the magnetic residue of those components machined using magnetisation.
Moreover, some processes leave a magnetic residue not due the magnetic equipment itself. This can be caused by electromagnetic induction generated by other devices, for example (inductive circuits for arc welding, etc.)
The issue of the magnetic residue can be solved by devices called demagnetizers. This equipment can eliminate the residual magnetic field in metallic components.

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Some information is essential to identify the most suitable device (both technically and commercially) to solve a problem. What follows is a short list. Type of workpiece to be demagnetized We need to know its shape, the chemical composition of its material, its external treatment. This is because it might be difficult to remove the magnetic residue due to these very factors. Acceptability criterion for the final residue We need to know the level of magnetic residue (in gauss, ampere-meter, milli tesla) wanted after demagnetization. As there are no instruments in the company to calculate it, this information is the hardest to obtain. Therefore, cooperating with the manufacturer is useful to correctly understand the level of magnetic residue allowed as not to alter the quality of the final product. Mode of operation This defines the process to adopt: manual, automatic, at the end of the production line, etc. For years, S.P.D. has also been manufacturing complex equipment ensuring good demagnetization results even in very fast and automated production cycles, thus having a very low impact on production management.