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Particularly when clamping is automated, most typically by using robots to load work pieces into machining centers, verifying the proper clamping force has been a challenge.
In manual clamping systems torque measurement is often used. This is a straightforward and easy method, but the relation between the torque and the actual clamping force can be inaccurate.

With hydraulic clamping oil pressure is easy to measure. However, even here there are several other variables that influence the clamping force. To name just one example, when the hydraulic cylinder is at the bottom of the stroke the oil pressure goes up, but the work piece is not necessarily clamped at all!

The approach that OK-VISE has taken is to integrate clamping force measurement directly into the stopper of the Multi-Rail RM system. Multi-Rail is part of the OK-VISE Fixturing Concept, which includes several modular fixturing systems for various purposes.

This digital concept is designed to be an integral part of any system where verifying clamping force is essential.

Basic components of the system are

  • A stopper of RMS type with DIGIFORCE option
  • DIGIFORCE display
  • SCADA System ( optional, to collect history data )

Digiforce display DFD-1

Includes power adapter 220 VAC to 24 VDC (European regulations)
Standard Modbus connection to SCADA

A stopper with DIGIFORCE option RMS-DF-1

Some Multi-Rail RM stoppers can be ordered with this DIGIFORCE sensor option


This optional system collects information from several DIGIFORCE displays so that the history data can be viewed and adjustments made if needed.

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OK-VISE Oy has again taken a major step in fixturing technology