Goldfilter Models S/M2/M3

Suitable for suction and purification of dust produced during wet machining processes. Each air cleaner is equipped with stage of High (with EPA filter) filtration efficiency tested in accordance with European norm EN 1822 suitable for holding micro-dust and smoke. The GOLDFILTER Series is suitable for working with presious metall which will be held by a filter sack in order to collect and to recover the aspirated dust. They are equipped with low power consumption motor IE2 class, electric control panel and gauge to monitor filter conditions.

Model  Suction Inlet Ø (mm) Airflow (m3/h) Pressure (mm/H2O) Power (KW) Noise level (dB) Weight (Kg)
Goldfilter S 100 1000 210 1.1 70 110
Goldfilter M2 150 000 200 1.5 72 105
Goldfilter M3 200 3000 230 3 76 220
* with noise attenuator


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