The Electro Permanent Magnetic System designed to quicken the mold change on the injection molding machine.

The magnetic modules type SYMPLI feature a sturdy steel structure along with high-quality alnico and neodymium magnets on its inside.
The magnets area arranged in a chessboard pattern by alternating north and south poles, thus generating and adhesive force upon their magnetization.
The corresponding activation is carried out by means of an electronic device and is performed in less than one second. The magnetic module remains therefore magnetized as long as required, without any further energy supply.
Hence, the magnetic force obtained with the Sympli system will remain unaltered and is proportional to the number of poles covered by the mold. Thanks to the use of square poles, it is possible to optimize the adhesive force of the mold, regardless of its size. Finally, the polar surface area of the Sympli system is averagely 30% bigger compared to competing products.

Unlike traditional clamping methods, the magnetic system Sympli generates a uniform clamping force all over the mold surface, thus avoiding any tension and deformation. In this way, the mold preserves its mechanical features, guaranteeing at the same time a better quality and repeatability as far as the molded parts are concerned.

The Sympli system is suitable for all kinds of injection molding machines with threaded holes or T-nuts, thus allowing the exploitation of the entire platen surface. No matter their shape or size, the molds can be easily clamped without having to modify the sub-plate, even in case of a QMC-standardization.

The versatility of the Sympli module results from the chessboard of its magnetic structure, able to distribute the clamping force uniformly over its entire surface. No matter the shape of the mold to be clamped, the penetration of the magnetic flux will take place without any problems reducing to a minimum the leakage flux with a consequent enhancement in terms of clamping force.

As the Sympli modules are obtained by machining a single steel block, they offer an extremely high mechanical resistance. The epoxy resin coating stands for excellent insulation of the magnets, long-term durability of the inner components and ensures contact temperature of 150°C.

Mold clamping in just a few seconds!

The Sympli system offers the possibility of a considerably reduced mold change time as well as of simplified and therefore user-friendly clamping operations.
1. Mold centering of the stationary platen with molding machine open.
2. Closing on the mold.
3. Activation of the Sympli system by key-switch.
4. Magnetization by pressing simultaneously the SAFE and MAG button of both stationary and movable platen.
5. Molding machine ready for operation after jut a few seconds.