Milling Electro-Permanent System

Our Technological Propositions

Since many years the true innovative technology has been the electro-permanent magnetic system, in other words the capacity of generating magnetic force using a power source only during the magnetizing and demagnetizing phases: There is no power absorption during the working phase.

In this sector we have tried thousands of application that allow us to have a basic experience in exporting this new technology to all sectors of the traditional or non traditional mechanical machining.

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Our Range: The most complete in he market

For many years we have designed a range of articles that guarantee each client a good and sure choosing of an ideal working chuck. Every product, no matter how highly developed, sometimes may not be totally adequate in best assuring customers all their applications; we can surely assert that little arrangements in the use are required to make a magnetic chuck versatile and practical for many machining operations.
In conclusion, the right supplier is represented mainly by the technological development that it can guarantee in the course of time, when the machining operations will probably change and the available chuck will modify its use a little or a lot.
This is the reason why thirty five years of elaborating magnetic solutions with our customers allow us to guarantee for the future a service that is unreachable for our competitors.