Multi-Power CNC Precision Fixed Angle Vice V-22/22/22B


  • Shortest Length with Big Jaw Opening
  • Extremely High Accuracy and Repeatability
  • Special MULTI-POWER design enhances clamping force of 0 – 6000 Kg
  • Model: HPAC-100S, 130S, 160S
  • Vice can be mounted horizontally or vertically
  1. The patented MULTI-POWER SYSTEM built of HIGH GRADE BEARING STEEL doubles the clamping force. Adjustable clamping force of 0-8000 Kg. With this special patented system the clamping force remains the same.
  2. Slide ways are hardened to HRC 50 to further increase durability and maintain positioning height over long use.
  3. The Special ANGLE-LOCK SYSTEM  with compact design and high-grade iron over FCD 60 grade for high rigidity automatically pulls the work -piece down to the accurate position within 0.01 mm under 4500 Kg of pressure. This vice is most suitable for precision mold making on Machining Centers.
  4. Vice body is made Ductile Iron above FCD 60 grade of high precision and durability. It is made in one solid piece and has very high rigidity with a force of 4500 Kg, the shape will deflect less than 0.01 mm.
  5. Vice can be mounted horizontally or vertically.
  6. Adjusting stop ring: This simple and effective presetting device enables to preset each desired clamping force and it guarantees to repeat clamping operation at the same clamping force.