Permanent Lifting Magnets

•Compact and light
•At least 3 safety factor
•Suitable for flat and round material
•Maintenance free design
•Safety device prevents accidental deactivation
•Can be switched off by one hand only

The best expression of power
Through a qualitative selection process of top grade high energy magnets and high dimensional tolerances between the stator and rotor we have achieved a 20% higher rated force in the same size. This allows us to offer the same size magnets with more lifting capacity.


Greater flexibility with thin Gage loads
PLM series magnets have been designed to meet the demand for handling thin loads in a safe and efficient way. The special design of the polar area together with a properly balanced magnetic field allows a lower flux depth. The properly balanced magnetic field allows for easier handle operation on thinner plates.

The on and off cycle is performed by simply turning a lever. The high tolerance bearing surface in the lifter is designed for years of service.

Permanently safe power
High energy permanent magnets ensure great force and with good design we achieve concentrated power indefinitely. The 3X safety factor rating allows safe working conditions even with substantial air gaps.

Durable and compact
The incredible power to weight ratio is provided by the specific isolation design and high tolerance parts. Product innovation, material selection and state of the art manufacturing processes have created a powerful product with no maintenance requirements and convenient pricing resulting in great international success making PLM the best selling close proximity lifter on the market.

Safety and Durability
■ “Safety first” with the spring-loaded safety handle design which prevents accidental de-mag.
■ High power Neodymium magnets and the Isolated magnetic circuit design ensure a high power to weight ratio.
■ With the maintenance, free design, nickel plated steel parts the PLM lifter will provide a long-lasting trouble free operational life.
■ Advanced machining processes with stringent testing requirements ensures each BRISC lifter has the same strength and overall quality.





High-energy permanent magnets ensure great
concentrated and steady power for an unlimited period.
The 1:3 safety factor of the recommended load to the
test load ensures optimal working conditions even with
substantial operating air gaps.

The main body are machined from solid steel blocks
with the aid of modern CNC and FMS systems which
ensure mass production together with quality machining

Nickel plating all steel parts prevents rust formation,
improves component life and allows better surface
hardness on the polar area to maintain optimal load
contace conditions and protection of machined surfaces.