Quick•Tower Universal Base Plate

For utmost flexibility we offer two versions of base plates which serve as an interface between machine table and the Quick•Tower. This allows to utilize one standard Quick•Tower in different machine-tools and/or on different pallets. The fixation of the Quick•Tower is done with 12x threaded pins M 16 that are located in the four lateral faces of the base plate and pull down the Quick•Tower strongly with Quick•Point® clamping studs. The alignment of the tombstone onto the base plate is realized with these studs as well.

Assembly advice:
The sub plate can be aligned concentrically using the plate’s Ø 50H7 through bore and the table’s/pallet’s centre bore accordingly. The axial alignment can be done by probing the outer faces or adding keyways for T-slot keys. The base plate is mounted to the table/pallet with DIN ISO 4762 cylinder screws. Finally the Quick•Tower is lifted into the base plate with a crane whereas the Quick•Point® clamping studs guarantee the precise alignment of the tombstone
in the base plate. Nevertheless the lateral M 16 threaded pins should be tightened crosswise in order to prevent off-centre defects of the tombstone. Greasing the base plate and the machine-table may help to protect the components from corrosion.

Quick•Tower Universal Base Plate without mounting bores Item No. 70005
Item No. 70005
Dimensions 396 x 396 x 27 mm
Through Bore Ø 50 H7
Item No. 70006 Set mounting bores according to customer‘s request

Quick•Tower Universal Base Plate including mounting bores Item No. 70008
Item No. 70008
Dimensions 446 x 446 x 27 mm
Mounting Bores 12x M 16 200 mm pitch
Through Bore Ø 50 H7