Machine Tool Solutions Ltd. performs re-certification services of permanent magnetic lifters and conducts tests under controlled conditions.

As per O.H.S.A and Regulations for Industrial Establishments R.R.O.1990, Section #51, (R-28), A lifting device shall be thoroughly examined by a competent person to determine its capability of handling the maximum load as rated at least once a year and a permanent record shall be kept, signed by person doing the examination.

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Our technician performs internal preventive maintenance as well as test three times, using special equipment designed to determine the most accurate pulling force reading of magnetic lifter. Safety factor is also taken into consideration for re-certification record. In case when the pulling force is lower than required, an estimate cost of repair, if possible, will be quoted to the customer. Magnets inside the lifter would be replaced if required. Magnets will be cleaned, painted and labelled with updated new maximum load rating. The customer is given Load Certificate for his records. We strongly recommend re-certification of all magnet lifters at least once a year. Please contact us to how to expedite the service.

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