The permanent magnetic chuck

Permanent magnetic chucks are magnetic devices for fixing metallic pieces so that they can be worked easily by machine tools and tools for mechanical machining in general. S.P.D. has been in this industry for many years and knows all the issues related to locking and fixing pieces for mechanical machining. We offer a range of articles designed to radically and efficiently solve any problem.

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What follows is a list of advantages when using a permanent magnetic chuck:

  • Quick fixing of the pieces by simply rotating a lever
  • Immediate load and unload of the piece from the workstation, thus considerably saving time and money
  • Extremely precise machining, as the fixing force is adequately proportional to current machining
  • Free and clear work surface, without neutral points used for fixing
  • Flexibility for immediate use
  • Elimination of all structures and other dedicated casings
  • Safety during all machining operations