The ARF series is suited to extracting and purifying micro-dust and fumes generated in dry and wet machining applications. The extracted air passes through a metallic and then a synthetic filter, which retain the larger sized particles. It then passes through a very high efficiency filter (HEPA H13 filter), EN 1822 compliant, after which it is recycled perfectly purified. The FA version is equipped with an active charcoal cell which eliminates gas, exhalations and odours. ARF 900 series purifiers are equipped with low energy consumption motors rated class IE2 (IE3-4 ON REQUEST) The series is composed of two models with different power ratings: ARF 700 – ARF 900 OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES:

The perfect solution for Laser Machines and Machines for Spark Erosion.

Suitability pollutant: Fumes – micro-dust – exhalations – odours

Suitability machine tool: Laser marking – spark eroding machines – welding machines