ECO SERIES with gauge to monitor filter conditions it is suitable for suction and purification of oil mist, fume and dust produced during wet and dry machining processes. The filtration by coalescence is assured by a double and diversified pocket filter, with wide filtering surface for purifying particles of different sizes. Thanks to its modularity, it’s possible to equip the Series with stage of High (Epa) or Highest (Hepa) efficiency of filtration at European norm EN 1822, suitable for holding micro-mist and smoke. Moreover, it is equipped with a pre-filtration stage, in case of chips or a lot of liquid pollutant. A drainage is able to the recovery of recondensed coolant liquid.

X – PRE-FILTRATION: EN 779 – Filtration Efficiency >95% for particles 3µ. Reduction pre-chamber in which the air speed is reduced, thus depositing all rough and excess pollutants (swarf, lubricant/coolant)
2 – FILTRATION BY COALESCENCE: EN 779 – Filtration Efficiency until 95% for particles 0,4µ
3 – HIGH EFFICIENCY (EPA) OR HIGHEST EFFICIENCY (HEPA) FINAL FILTRATION: EN 1882 – Filtration Efficiency until 99,995% for particles 0,15µ

Suitability pollutant: Oil mist – fumes – exhalations – odours
Suitability machine tool:
Lathes – machining centers – grinding machines – laser marking – spark eroding machines – washing machines
Plus: Oil recovery pre-filtration stage Can be equipped with:active carbon cell
AIRFLOW RATE: 500 ÷ 750 m3/h