OK-VISE rotary columns function as a trunnion unit between the indexer and tail support.

This system makes efficient use of the machinable area a reality, ultimately leading to savings in tool changes, less operator interventions, and extended cycle times.

The most important feature is the opportunity to use sub plates, resulting in a significant reduction in machine stop times. This is critical, especially in vertical machining centers.

OK-VISE rotary columns are made of aluminium and they come with steel corner clamps. In each of the four sides of this trunnion unit there are two T-slots to install accessories like stoppers and clamps. The RPS-2T30 is the smallest of our rotary columns. It is suitable for smaller 4th axis indexers.

When equipped with two T-slots, effective fixturing is easy. The light structure of the RPS-2T30 makes rapid moves possible.

Download, RPS System-2T30 Step File

When you are seeking time savings and improved productivity, designing the free workspace so that you can fill your T-slots or subplates with the maximum number of workpieces is an equally important factor as the speed of your machine.

When you are able to clamp more workpieces, you gain clear benefits such as decreased downtime, which means that machine stop times are shorter and the actual machine cycles are longer. This is extremely important, because it means increased productivity without increasing the number of operating hours. OK-VISE rotary columns, such as the RPS-2T40, come equipped with two T-slots, which makes maximum utilization of the machinable area a reality.

Download, RPS System-2T40 Step File

RPS-2T50 is the largest of our rotary columns. It is designed to revolutionize the use of vertical machining centers without pallet changing systems.

The effectiveness of a machining center is not in its number of columns, but in the extent to which the capacity of each pallet can be utilized, in other words, how many pieces can be machined at the same time. With the OK-VISE rotary column and fixturing elements, you can get the most out of the vertical machining center.

Download, RPS System-2T50 Step File

RPS-2T subplates come in widht 133 mm, and lenghts 300-400-500 mm. They are aluminium, and are clamped to RPS unit by corner clamps.

To make your rotary column complete, we have designed a line of accessories for you to choose according to your specific needs.

Adapter plates for indexers, fixed stoppers, and corner clamps are available in addition to our low-profile clamps and subplates.

By combining these elements it is possible to construct a flexible and effective system to your VMC. Each item is especially designed to fit the OK-VISE Rotary Pallet System.

The locking of the sub plates in this system is done by using OK-LOCK element. In addition to OK-VISE clamping systems, also old-school traditional vises and other fixturing elements can be used.
One possibility is to bolt OK-LOCK spigots directly to the workpiece, enabling easy access from all directions.


A unit with 3 pcs of OK-LOCK modules on both sides of the block. Pneumatic release by a plug, optionally robot release possible.